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The Best Day You Could Imagine

by Charcoal Burners

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Winged Bird 04:07
I can hardly say your name It's a spell I have broken Your plastic bags to pick up trash You released to the wind's fingers It's easy to let go when you've been let go Close the door your home's a planet The planet's not your home Walk outside untethered you'll just fall into the sky Plastic bags like winged birds Flutter down to the river I can hardly hear your words It's all stick-shake and shiver But I know we're going down somewhere we can't choose Someone's kid out walking's gonna keep us in their room To die beside an untouched bowl of milk and soggy bread
Unknown, unrecognised A hostage of dread Past the point of no return But it's suicide ahead Tear yourself from the boundaries you enforce There's nothing left to hide And I could wish for nothing more Battlescarred, we are battlescarred One and the same, our stories retold countless accounts, the struggles of old Watching and learning as a way to conceal Aching and burning Why won't these wounds heal? Battlescarred, we are battlescarred I said leave us alone We don't want your sympathy A fractured surface, yearning release I am not like you Stay away from me Battlescarred, we are battlescarred
Days Behind 03:24
Have you no letters from the priest? I've popped all my bubblewrap Burned my car and crashed my house Intermittent faults that won't appear They wait for you to turn your back Then they'll reverse over me again Have you no new promises to make? Keeping all these broken ones Forgot what they remind you of I was in your ecstasy and you in mine Took a while to reconcile The days ahead, the days behind
Deadass Sea 03:06
On the chapel lawn forgetting whose side you're on Back from that old road of mine, this time How was your summer, how was my summer? How was my nuclear winter by the deadass sea? And if you'd seen what I had seen Maybe you wouldn't ask And if you'd been where I have been where I Surely you wouldn't ask
Locked out of a parody of life You were always at my side on the outside, lost Light spilled from the terrace houses onto the streets I renamed you That we walked drunk through All these rings run circles round your heart How d'you let it end When you never know why you let it start Black circles running rings round you Everything you've done an extension of what you can't undo And the silence won't let you explain But the questions to the answers remain Reappraise the visions I once had Make them ornaments instead on your mantlepiece Hats off to the living and the dead And the dead still living on waiting for release
Alleyway to the penthouse Eliminate all who cross us But I still dream of the bodies You want my loyalty more than you should You ask for honesty more than is good for you We're trailer tragedies Have we made good for nothing? They sleep the sleep of dead believers In afterlife skips and heaven's rivers But we still stand and deliver Shall we go down to the parliament? Realign our rearmament Or fuel the jet and just forget it
Reticent 02:09
Always the quiet ones With their boxes of birds What a way to go now Look at you in your barrel of laughs and words Reticent Every inch the king Undress the slave Don't say a thing Down in your channel You can get no purchase on its sides Fell into your travel And you fell out of ours then out of mine There's a force afoot now It's been rumoured for a day or two Get these knuckledraggers off me If you want me to tell you if it's true
Darkroom 04:26
Here's a thought thought I'd share Now we're still on speaking terms Now that nothing's changed What do I have to do to leave you? From the darkroom tray Those reborn make their way To the peephole in the door What do I have to do to leave you? How does it feel to be finished? How does it feel to be banished? How does it feel to be free? I wouldn't know No, I wouldn't know What do I have to do to leave you?
Do you love me or is it just that I'm here And you know I've no place else I can go? I didn't ask for this, I guess you understand But I guess you blame me even so I remember back before I disappeared When you could sometimes still meet my eye When you go back to your room I let you be In your silence tell myself you're just quiet I believe that if I'm less of myself Then I could mean more to someone else time is empty until I fill it to the brim I can only drink the drop that spills I imagine meeting friends in the sun and the shadow of myself being one But my face is a hockey mask that no one sees At the counter when I turn and run In the silence of the space where I was Maybe you'll remember when you loved me I'll never try to stop you doing what you want And what you want is not being around me When I whisper to myself in my bed I can find the words that I must believe Keep them hidden as best I can these shallow days Until I give myself back to sleep
Tell you what I could do I could really get to you I could be the face you see In the mirror eventually Tell you what I could do I could follow the tracks you made Through the snow to your empty room Where I'll find your bed still unmade You make me drink with the living dead They've got the intel on where you go inside my head Tell you what I could do I could swallow my pride instead I could wait for a full moon I could shoot myself in the head You Tell me what I could do Please you Tell me what I should do Tell you what I could do I could turn myself in right now I could say I had the motive But the means were beyond my power to
Blind You 02:37
You're losing your friends you're making amends but you're making mistakes Too little too late And our story will end Who will tell it again? But you can only do what you know how You don't have to prove a thing to me before you go now You've taken your time You've taken all mine, now you're giving it back we're slow on attack It's another defeat, it's another retreat Everything's always behind you Moving towards the light that will only blind you
Time will tell you what you want to hear Will you bend Will you break for me? We've been robbed and beaten We lie shot and discarded Fucked and thrown in a garden on your watch Time will heal The full moon she breaks Get the idea Got the shakes We've been robbed and beaten We lie battered and broken The best day you could imagine Sealed with this kiss


released April 11, 2019

Andrew Spittle - Guitar, vocals
Sally Lonie - Bass, vocals
Finn - Drums
All songs written by Andrew Spittle except Battlescarred written by Andrew Spittle and Lucy Spittle
Recorded and Produced by Thomas Bell


all rights reserved



Charcoal Burners Dunedin, New Zealand

With your skeleton crew in the cockpit pornographic zombie flight attendants serving cyanide in first class and I'm someone in economy's sole baggage I'm the body they're bringing home and heads will roll in the bowling alleys of the town when the news gets out might as well just overshoot the airport set her down in ten million parts take as many of the rebels with us - Relate (Colours) ... more

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