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Orders From the House

by Charcoal Burners

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Love is Treason Innocence gets bored with itself Enough with nature, you want something raw All tapped out now in your national park Looking for a mountain you can score All inked up now your torso tree But the roots end halfway down your body They won’t bring you water from the soil Only dead leaves in this foil Horror movie, Midwest theatre Haunted by your popcorn laughter In the sunlit carpark after The ghost of some whole other father When you come through as they all do Except for those who didn’t want to Don’t expect or blame or reason Just accept that love is treason
Hey Guy 04:57
Hey Guy Canopy of leaves, it’s too bright Turn the scream down so only I can Water rushing up spiral stair Find the corkscrew, close the airlock Tell me you love me As you would a child I’ve made no better plans than this This one’s not mine, so I embrace it I’ll go further down in this machine Through the skylight, hope to see you I’ll read your lips And try to move mine Hey guy are you lost On the inside? We’ve got you in here on speaker Please confirm you receive Over Blink if your transponder’s broken We’re hoping We can get a line In there to you In time
Gene Kranz 05:25
Gene Kranz Turn the lights off in your eyes Like you still need power just to fall through the sky Do you want to freeze now or burn up coming in? Don’t give me options I can’t choose between If I’ve no choice, I don’t know what you mean What do we have on the spacecraft that’s good? Let’s consider this from a standpoint of The status you conferred then drained me of And every fibre of my body’s there But I’m still sitting smoking in my chair Yeah I’m still sitting smoking in my chair What do we have on the spacecraft that’s good? What do we have?
Letter to Youth Why am I all alone? Why am I all alone? Did I take too long to come home? Why are my cupboards bare? Why are my cupboards bare? Did I eat all I had there? They said he came too soon Came too late For you The Jaguar wouldn’t start The Jaguar wouldn’t start It was enough to break your heart Plenty more tits and ass Plenty more tits and ass Going on their way without you He was gone too soon Easy to say But is it true? Write this, not to you It’s a letter to youth
Darling One 03:02
Darling One Neither one would let the other down An alliance forged in playground combat Deep underground 1941 arcade game, when that was cool Compared biceps and cars through high school Now one drives a brand new B52, one loads the napalm One lies to a wife in Chicago, one to his old man on the farm I wish that we could drop this load right on downtown I wish that we could burn like the jungle below us At the swimming hole after graduation, wished I was dead When you pulled your shirt over your head And said “let’s fuckin get drunk baby” A joke has been played by the life that robbed us Makes me not give a shit about the hell I unleash below us Makes me want to drill this crate right into the ocean Makes me want to tell you You were my darling one
Little More 04:58
Little More It was when my fourth novel was in its death throes With the New York agent Start at midday drinking through to Monday morning Always thought our years together were a bank we could draw on They were a bank that I owed money And I just didn’t have it Left the class hanging on my word They’re still hanging on it Took my passport And my love for you with me First bright idea was a big expressway to somewhere Might as well throw in an international airport to anywhere Last year in transit, left my soul as a tip In a bar where I was romancing a memory that destroyed me Perfect storm under blue skies Here’s the one you chose without his disguise Hit a couple of bars, parked up at the beach Slept in the car Maybe you weren’t the one But you were the best, you were the best by far Where do you go at night when I’m wasted? What past do you meet outside to taste its lips? I trace your letters back to the mouths that sealed them I search your skin for missing fingertips And the still to come Is getting less than what has come before You can’t do it all But maybe you can do a little more
Boots and All Two lemons and two grapes Royal flush down city grates Shit for brains is on my side Fuck you’s on my arm for the ride Let the river run its course What a stupid thing to say When you were in it boots and all Paddy wagon wags its tail Asses over now you are free No more last rites in the tower Save your lethal injection for me Let the fever run its course Wake up in the bed you made me Where you make love to me now Riding on your prior form The one armed bandit in your dorm Takes you for a pint and pills Shows you his scorecard of kills Let the trial run its course Baby, that’s your fake remorse now Saving you from nothing
Dolls of the Valley Tell me what’s wrong In the time that still stands I’m the Michelin sign Its collapsible man And the dolls of the valley are waiting on the corner I don’t want to see you go Why you even leaving? I’m not even leaving I don’t want to let you go And the dolls of the valley are waiting with the van To take you where you want to go Like they could know Like they could know Help you inside Put your suitcase on the floor Then you pull the door tight Leaving tints like the night And the dolls of the valley are waiting on the corner I don’t want to see you go Why you even leaving? I’m not even leaving I don’t want to let you go And the dolls of the valley are waiting with the van To take you where you want to go Like you could know Like you could know Then I read Then I read Then I read in the paper You were


released June 28, 2018

Recorded by Thomas Bell at Port Chalmers Recording Service, June 2018
Written and Performed by Andrew Spittle
Mastered by Chris Chetland


all rights reserved



Charcoal Burners Dunedin, New Zealand

With your skeleton crew in the cockpit pornographic zombie flight attendants serving cyanide in first class and I'm someone in economy's sole baggage I'm the body they're bringing home and heads will roll in the bowling alleys of the town when the news gets out might as well just overshoot the airport set her down in ten million parts take as many of the rebels with us - Relate (Colours) ... more

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